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New L1F3 Animation!

2012-07-04 18:14:55 by DrDeath2k3

So during the Fall of last year I began production of a new L1F3 animation, revamping the series.
If you are not familiar with it, check out one of the many shorts I've created through the years.
(Warning: The humor may be (or likely, is) stupid/not for everyone and I recognize this!)

Unfortunately, the new L1F3 animation is only in a video format.
This is the result of two things:
1) The sound mixing / syncing had to be done in another program.
2) The animation size seemed to be giving my Flash program problems (such as crashing when I went to view it).

Anyways, here it is on Youtube:
Youtube Link

Also, I'd like to continue this project towards a full season.

You can help support me here:
Support Link

(And thanks for the support!)


2008-03-23 22:48:35 by DrDeath2k3

wat the fuck is this shit?

i make flash cartoons.
one is being worked on rite now.
almost done. too lazy tho...


very soon.